Francois du Plessis – The Reception of Truth – Mp4 (Video)

01. The Sower The Seed and The Soil Part 1Francois du Plessis202.43 MB Download
02. The Sower The Seed and The Soil Part 2Francois du Plessis186.74 MB Download
03. The Great Banquet Part 1Francois du Plessis178.94 MB Download
04. The Great Banquet Part 2Francois du Plessis151.82 MB Download
05. The Hidden Treasure Part 1Francois du Plessis151.62 MB Download
06. The Hidden Treasure Part 2Francois du Plessis176.36 MB Download
07. New Cloth & New WineFrancois du Plessis130.92 MB Download
08. The Two Debtors and ForgivenessFrancois du Plessis143.95 MB Download
09. Seven Unclean SpiritsFrancois du Plessis159.99 MB Download
10. The Two Sons - Saying and DoingFrancois du Plessis152.80 MB Download
11. The Two Sons - Saying and Doing Part 2Francois du Plessis116.43 MB Download
12. Building on a RockFrancois du Plessis128.70 MB Download
13. The Rich Young Fool - Gain That Is LossFrancois du Plessis169.48 MB Download