Francois du Plessis – Rise And Fall Of The Assyrian Empire – MP4 Video

01. Ashurnasirpal II The Party ManFrancois du Plessis491.33 MB Download
02. Shalmaneser III Mentions Ahab And Jehu Of IsraelFrancois du Plessis487.55 MB Download
03. Adad-Nirari III Convert Of JonahFrancois du Plessis503.81 MB Download
04. Tiglath Pileser III Transplanting IsraelFrancois du Plessis537.71 MB Download
05. Shalmaneser V Besieged SamariaFrancois du Plessis502.12 MB Download
06. Sargon II Destroyed Samaria, Exiled 10 TribesFrancois du Plessis483.38 MB Download
07. Sennacherib 183000 Soldiers Died At JerusalemFrancois du Plessis427.22 MB Download
08. Esarhaddon Excavations At NinevehFrancois du Plessis466.94 MB Download