Francois du Plessis – The Exodus – MP4 Video

48. Why Did Moses Die Alone Francois du Plessis151.26 MB Download
47. Parting Words Of Moses Francois du Plessis70.58 MB Download
46. Why Did 14000 People Die Francois du Plessis188.65 MB Download
45. Balaam 4 I See A Star Francois du Plessis141.65 MB Download
44. Balaam 3 Let Me Die Francois du Plessis179.76 MB Download
43. Balaam 2 A Donkey Speaks Francois du Plessis187.63 MB Download
42. Balaam 1 - Curse Francois du Plessis174.03 MB Download
41. Conquering The Giants Francois du Plessis210.63 MB Download
40. The Cure For Faultfinding Francois du Plessis234.05 MB Download
39. Arad Makes War Francois du Plessis159.80 MB Download
38. Aaron Dies Francois du Plessis141.23 MB Download
37. Moses Strikes The Rock Francois du Plessis152.07 MB Download
36. Kadesh Barnia - No Water Francois du Plessis208.52 MB Download
35. 38 Years Wilderness Francois du Plessis200.66 MB Download
34. Tragic Death Of Korah Francois du Plessis162.90 MB Download
33. Moses Faces Rebellion Francois du Plessis206.01 MB Download
32. Results Of Bad Reporting Francois du Plessis185.04 MB Download
31. Twelve Spies Reporting Francois du Plessis170.24 MB Download
30. Miriam-Arriving At Kadesh Francois du Plessis212.42 MB Download
29. Miriam's Jealousy Francois du Plessis172.56 MB Download
28. Was The GPS Mistaken Francois du Plessis192.64 MB Download
27. Show Me Your Glory Francois du Plessis153.18 MB Download
26. Golden Calf Francois du Plessis167.03 MB Download
25. Aaron Compromise Francois du Plessis140.18 MB Download
24. Sapphire Throne Of God Francois du Plessis230.13 MB Download
23. The Second Table Francois du Plessis212.31 MB Download
22. The First Table Francois du Plessis185.15 MB Download
21. Character Of The Law Francois du Plessis223.96 MB Download
20. Announcement Of The Law Francois du Plessis186.71 MB Download
19. Arrival At Sinai Francois du Plessis227.79 MB Download
18. Amalek Hobab Jethro Francois du Plessis162.33 MB Download
17. Water From The Rock Francois du Plessis187.57 MB Download
16. Manna Bread From Heaven Francois du Plessis220.05 MB Download
15. From Elim to The Red Sea Francois du Plessis170.04 MB Download
14. Red Sea To Marah Francois du Plessis143.46 MB Download
13. Mirriam s Song Francois du Plessis164.69 MB Download
12. God Delivers His People Francois du Plessis81.84 MB Download
11. Crossing the Red Sea Francois du Plessis69.11 MB Download
10. Journey to the Red Sea Francois du Plessis72.64 MB Download
09. The Passover Francois du Plessis89.68 MB Download
08. Locusts Darkness and Death Francois du Plessis87.58 MB Download
07. Hail Rains Down Francois du Plessis68.73 MB Download
06. Pestilence and Boils Francois du Plessis74.51 MB Download
05. Frogs Gnats and Flies Francois du Plessis95.66 MB Download
04. The Plagues Begin Francois du Plessis65.17 MB Download
03. Typology of the Exodus Francois du Plessis107.60 MB Download
02. The History of Moses Francois du Plessis71.08 MB Download
01. Israel Before the Exodus Francois du Plessis95.55 MB Download